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Million Dollar Secret Part V

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Now it's getting exciting! It's time for the Million
Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life!

So let's continue?

We learned in the last lesson that we are magnetic human
beings that are made of vibrating energy and that energy is
attracting other people, circumstances and conditions into
our lives.

If that is true (and I can assure you that it is) then how
can we use this information to change our lives for the
better? It's very simple. If we could learn how to change
our personal magnets, (for lack of a better term!), then
all we have to do is to CHOOSE what we want to magnetize
into our lives.

Once we learn how to do that, we are free forever from
anything or anyone determining the outcome of our life.
That brings us to The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change
Your Life.

I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The Million Dollar
Secret That Can Change Your Life is this -


Please read it again.

Let's explore this further. You see, just WANTING something
and even BELIEVING you can have it on a CONSCIOUS level
is not enough. The reason we don't have what we want is
because we have negative energy systems within us that
have been running our lives for years.

These energy systems are so deeply ingrained into our
sub-conscious that we have no idea that they are even
there. So, we have good intentions, we are positive, we try
to live a good life, but we keep getting whacked in the
head at every turn!

At times it seems like everything and everyone is against
us. It's as though we are alone against the world. And so
our life becomes one of surviving rather than living. Does
this describe anyone you know?

Since we are magnets that attract what we focus on, the
only way we can truly live the life we desire is we must
uncover those thoughts that are working AGAINST us instead
of FOR us.

Why is this so important?

Because it is those thoughts that determine what we CAN
and CAN NOT attract and experience in our lives. It is our
?opposing? thoughts that keep our magnetic point of
attraction, or our vibrational energy, going in the WRONG

Once you understand The Million Dollar Secret That Can
Change Your Life it's easy to see why positive thinking
doesn't work. You can be as positive as you want, but if
your SUB-CONSCIOUS magnetic point of attraction is going
in the OPPOSITE direction, you will continue to attract
(magnetize) more of what you DON'T want even though
your are a ?good? person and a positive thinker.

This also answers the question why bad things happen to
good people. Think about it! You can be a ?good? person,
but if your vibrational energy is going in the wrong
direction on a sub-conscious or unconscious level, then
you will experience the ?bad? things that you don't want.

It is important to understand that it is not our thinking
that creates our circumstances, but the emotion that is
attached to our thoughts. The universe responds to the
FEELING and EMOTION of our thoughts - not the thoughts
themselves. This is what activates the energy and produces
the things we experience in our lives.

Energy will always find it's vibrational match. Therefore,
we must make sure that we are conscious of the energy we
are sending out and adjust or correct that energy in the
moment it occurs so that it doesn't leave our energy system
and unconsciously create what we don't want.

Let's use a practical example and apply this to a subject
that most of us are interested in - MONEY. I am sure no
matter how much money you have, you would like MORE of it,
RIGHT? But take a look at what you are actually vibrating
or the energy you are sending out about money.

Perhaps you are saying, ?I want more money?. That's fine,
but at a deep sub-conscious or unconscious level you may
have a powerful opposing energy system that is saying:

?It would love to be rich, but there is no way I am ever
going to become wealthy. Or...

?I would love to be rich, but I'll settle for just paying
my bills.? Or?

?I would love to be rich, but don't DESERVE to have more
money than my family.? Or?

?With this economy and my job circumstances there is no
way I will ever be wealthy.? Or?

?With all the debts and responsibilities I have, there is
no way I can every get out of this unless I win the

If these or similar thoughts are your sub-conscious belief,
what do you suppose is going to happen? It's very simple.
You are saying one thing - "I want to have more money"
but at the same time, you are sending out energy that is in
direct opposition to what you want. The end result is you
don't have what you want.

The problem is that those opposing beliefs, which are all
individual energy systems, need to be modified in such a
way that your conscious mind is in alignment with what
going on at a sub-conscious level. Because once you align
both your conscious and sub-conscious there is literally NO
LIMIT to what you can be, do or have.

And here is some more good news. You don't have to ?work
hard? or effort to get what you want. That is just another
belief system. If you believe it's a ?dog eat dog world? and
you have to ?work hard? and effort to get what you want,
guess what? You probably guessed it. If you BELIEVE it,
you will LIVE it.

What I want to tell you is that any difficulties you are
experiencing will change as quickly as you can change the
negative or opposing energy systems that keeps attracting
the results you are experiencing right now.

But understand this - If you think about, focus on and talk
about ?what is? you will attract more of ?what is?. If you
find things in your life you don?t like and keep talking
about it and talking about it, you will attract more of what
you have right now. When you push against anything you
do not want, you add power to it. You cannot think about
and focus on something you don?t want and then expect to
have it go away. The universe will only bring you more of
what you don?t want.

You see, the Universe that we live in is unlimited. The
only thing that is limited is our beliefs and our energy
systems. The Universe (creative process) doesn't care
whether you accept poverty or unlimited riches, happy
relationships or toxic relationships, sickness or health,
success or failure. The choice is up to you because it can
deliver more than you can possibly imagine.

That is why I say it is ?unlimited?. The universe does not
judge whether you can have something or not, it simply
RESPONDS to your energy. For example, if you are sending
out a vibration of desperation, such as ?I desperately need
this?, what do you suppose you are going to attract? More
desperation! You keep pushing what you want further and
further away from you as you focus on what you don?t want.
The greatest gift that our Creator has given us is that we
can make a CONSCIOUS decision to create what we desire.
The problem is most people are creating by DEFAULT. In
other words, they are creating unconsciously, not knowing
how they get what they get. Then they blame people,
circumstances and conditions OUTSIDE of themselves for
what they don't have.

And of course, from the outside looking in, it looks like
bad things are ?happening? to them, rather then they are
the CAUSE of their current circumstances and conditions.

You don't have to live this way. All you have to do is
change your vibrational frequency to match what you want.
This is The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change Your

Let me repeat it again.


By changing our vibrational thought frequency, I not only
mean the thoughts we are sending out into the universe,
but more specifically the FEELINGS and EMOTION we are
sending out that is created by our thoughts.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this secret. It is the
key to magnetizing and attracting EVERYTHING in your life!

Tomorrow I am going to put it all together for you. But for
now, think about how you can use the Million Dollar Secret
That Can Change Your Life.

All the best,

Your partner in success,
Ken Spohn
Dr. Robert Anthony

If you want to read more about this exciting book I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.

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