Monday, February 16, 2009

Million Dollar Secret Part V

I hope you have done your assignments and are up to speed,
because we still have a lot to do.
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Now it's getting exciting! It's time for the Million
Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life!

So let's continue?

We learned in the last lesson that we are magnetic human
beings that are made of vibrating energy and that energy is
attracting other people, circumstances and conditions into
our lives.

If that is true (and I can assure you that it is) then how
can we use this information to change our lives for the
better? It's very simple. If we could learn how to change
our personal magnets, (for lack of a better term!), then
all we have to do is to CHOOSE what we want to magnetize
into our lives.

Once we learn how to do that, we are free forever from
anything or anyone determining the outcome of our life.
That brings us to The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change
Your Life.

I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The Million Dollar
Secret That Can Change Your Life is this -


Please read it again.

Let's explore this further. You see, just WANTING something
and even BELIEVING you can have it on a CONSCIOUS level
is not enough. The reason we don't have what we want is
because we have negative energy systems within us that
have been running our lives for years.

These energy systems are so deeply ingrained into our
sub-conscious that we have no idea that they are even
there. So, we have good intentions, we are positive, we try
to live a good life, but we keep getting whacked in the
head at every turn!

At times it seems like everything and everyone is against
us. It's as though we are alone against the world. And so
our life becomes one of surviving rather than living. Does
this describe anyone you know?

Since we are magnets that attract what we focus on, the
only way we can truly live the life we desire is we must
uncover those thoughts that are working AGAINST us instead
of FOR us.

Why is this so important?

Because it is those thoughts that determine what we CAN
and CAN NOT attract and experience in our lives. It is our
?opposing? thoughts that keep our magnetic point of
attraction, or our vibrational energy, going in the WRONG

Once you understand The Million Dollar Secret That Can
Change Your Life it's easy to see why positive thinking
doesn't work. You can be as positive as you want, but if
your SUB-CONSCIOUS magnetic point of attraction is going
in the OPPOSITE direction, you will continue to attract
(magnetize) more of what you DON'T want even though
your are a ?good? person and a positive thinker.

This also answers the question why bad things happen to
good people. Think about it! You can be a ?good? person,
but if your vibrational energy is going in the wrong
direction on a sub-conscious or unconscious level, then
you will experience the ?bad? things that you don't want.

It is important to understand that it is not our thinking
that creates our circumstances, but the emotion that is
attached to our thoughts. The universe responds to the
FEELING and EMOTION of our thoughts - not the thoughts
themselves. This is what activates the energy and produces
the things we experience in our lives.

Energy will always find it's vibrational match. Therefore,
we must make sure that we are conscious of the energy we
are sending out and adjust or correct that energy in the
moment it occurs so that it doesn't leave our energy system
and unconsciously create what we don't want.

Let's use a practical example and apply this to a subject
that most of us are interested in - MONEY. I am sure no
matter how much money you have, you would like MORE of it,
RIGHT? But take a look at what you are actually vibrating
or the energy you are sending out about money.

Perhaps you are saying, ?I want more money?. That's fine,
but at a deep sub-conscious or unconscious level you may
have a powerful opposing energy system that is saying:

?It would love to be rich, but there is no way I am ever
going to become wealthy. Or...

?I would love to be rich, but I'll settle for just paying
my bills.? Or?

?I would love to be rich, but don't DESERVE to have more
money than my family.? Or?

?With this economy and my job circumstances there is no
way I will ever be wealthy.? Or?

?With all the debts and responsibilities I have, there is
no way I can every get out of this unless I win the

If these or similar thoughts are your sub-conscious belief,
what do you suppose is going to happen? It's very simple.
You are saying one thing - "I want to have more money"
but at the same time, you are sending out energy that is in
direct opposition to what you want. The end result is you
don't have what you want.

The problem is that those opposing beliefs, which are all
individual energy systems, need to be modified in such a
way that your conscious mind is in alignment with what
going on at a sub-conscious level. Because once you align
both your conscious and sub-conscious there is literally NO
LIMIT to what you can be, do or have.

And here is some more good news. You don't have to ?work
hard? or effort to get what you want. That is just another
belief system. If you believe it's a ?dog eat dog world? and
you have to ?work hard? and effort to get what you want,
guess what? You probably guessed it. If you BELIEVE it,
you will LIVE it.

What I want to tell you is that any difficulties you are
experiencing will change as quickly as you can change the
negative or opposing energy systems that keeps attracting
the results you are experiencing right now.

But understand this - If you think about, focus on and talk
about ?what is? you will attract more of ?what is?. If you
find things in your life you don?t like and keep talking
about it and talking about it, you will attract more of what
you have right now. When you push against anything you
do not want, you add power to it. You cannot think about
and focus on something you don?t want and then expect to
have it go away. The universe will only bring you more of
what you don?t want.

You see, the Universe that we live in is unlimited. The
only thing that is limited is our beliefs and our energy
systems. The Universe (creative process) doesn't care
whether you accept poverty or unlimited riches, happy
relationships or toxic relationships, sickness or health,
success or failure. The choice is up to you because it can
deliver more than you can possibly imagine.

That is why I say it is ?unlimited?. The universe does not
judge whether you can have something or not, it simply
RESPONDS to your energy. For example, if you are sending
out a vibration of desperation, such as ?I desperately need
this?, what do you suppose you are going to attract? More
desperation! You keep pushing what you want further and
further away from you as you focus on what you don?t want.
The greatest gift that our Creator has given us is that we
can make a CONSCIOUS decision to create what we desire.
The problem is most people are creating by DEFAULT. In
other words, they are creating unconsciously, not knowing
how they get what they get. Then they blame people,
circumstances and conditions OUTSIDE of themselves for
what they don't have.

And of course, from the outside looking in, it looks like
bad things are ?happening? to them, rather then they are
the CAUSE of their current circumstances and conditions.

You don't have to live this way. All you have to do is
change your vibrational frequency to match what you want.
This is The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change Your

Let me repeat it again.


By changing our vibrational thought frequency, I not only
mean the thoughts we are sending out into the universe,
but more specifically the FEELINGS and EMOTION we are
sending out that is created by our thoughts.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this secret. It is the
key to magnetizing and attracting EVERYTHING in your life!

Tomorrow I am going to put it all together for you. But for
now, think about how you can use the Million Dollar Secret
That Can Change Your Life.

All the best,

Your partner in success,
Ken Spohn
Dr. Robert Anthony

If you want to read more about this exciting book I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Million Dollar Secret Part IV

Welcome back!

I hope you have done your assignments and are up to speed,
because we still have a lot to do.
If not, go back and do them NOW! You want to change your life don't you? The only one your cheating is your-self!!!
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Part II
Part III

Ok! So let's get started!

In the last three lessons we talked about how your thoughts
create your future. This not a new idea. If you have studied
any personal development material I am sure you have heard
all this before. However, up until now you may have had
difficulty BELIEVING this is true. Also, you really had no idea
of WHY and HOW this is true.

So, when you take a look at what is happening in your life,
you may have difficulty making the connection between your
THOUGHTS and what is actually happening. It seems like the
two are separate. So, let's try to connect the dots.

Neither success nor failure happens by accident. The
assumption of almost every person I have ever met who
continues to fail in almost everything they do, is that they
believe something or someone OUTSIDE of them is
responsible for their present circumstances.

The question that must be answered is WHO or WHAT is
responsible for us NOT having what we want Our parents?
Our background? Our education? God? Destiny?

Here's how it works.

Nothing OUTSIDE of you is responsible for not having what
you want, even though it may appear that way.

Here is the REAL problem. You experience what you
experience in your life because you are in TRANCE and you
don't even know it!

You see, we all live in a trance. As a hypnotist for many
years, I have learned that trances are powerful. They are
real. And, we are ALL in them. What I finally realized was
that when people came to me, they were ALREADY in a
trance. My job was not to put them into a trace, but to
change their trance.

You're in a trance right now. So am I. As long as we
BELIEVE the trance we are in, we will continue to live in
that trance. When we wake up from our trance, we'll just be
in ANOTHER trance and live that. Unfortunately the trance
most people are in keeps them from understanding how life
actually works. (how they get what they get in life) They
think they know how life works, but they are in the wrong

Everything that happens to us is because of our beliefs or
the trance we live in. For example, if you hold on to the
belief that you are a victim of your circumstances, or that
whatever happens to you is purely random or predestined,
you will keep creating that same reality. This also becomes
your "reason", or more accurately your excuse why others
can have what you want, but it can never happen for you.

I am sure you will agree that we live in a universe that is
governed by a series of physical laws. Take gravity for
example. We have no idea how gravity works, but we see
evidence of it working every day. So it is not a matter of
whether we BELIEVE it or not, the Law of Gravity works
every moment of our existence.

There are many other laws like the Law of Gravity that that
run without our conscious attention or belief. I want to
discuss ONE law in particular that is as certain as gravity
and that ABSOLUTELY determines the outcome of your life.
This law determines whether you have money, health,
positive relationships, success or anything else in your
life. It also determines whether you live a life that is
full of worry, fear and stress, or a life that is carefree
and happy.

This law is called The Law of Attraction. Without
understanding how this law affects your life, your life
will continue to appear chaotic and uncertain. Worse yet,
you will spend the rest of your life REACTING to everything
and everyone around you - being pushed one way and then
another, like a cork floating on the ocean.

The things you react to in your everyday life are a direct
result of what you think, feel and believe. Unfortunately
the majority of people will argue that it is the other way
around. That things just "HAPPEN" to us and this is what
causes us to feel the way we feel. And all we can do is to
try to make the best out of what's HAPPENING because we
really don't have control over the events in our lives.

The majority of people live their life this way. They lead
lives of quiet desperation, just accepting things as they
are, living their lives HOPING for the best, while
ACCEPTING the worse.

However, you do not have to be among this sad majority. In
fact, you can walk away any time you want, once you
understand the Law of Attraction and how it works.

Despite the fact that this law has been around before the
beginning of time, most people who pride themselves as
being "logical thinkers" will discredit it. They'll say
that it's nonsense and it is not based on science or

As we know, for centuries we thought the earth was flat.
But THINKING something is true or false does not make it
so. What REALLY matters are RESULTS we experience when we
live by those thoughts.

Let's take a moment and talk about the Law of Attraction
and see if we can put it into perspective. You have heard
the saying that "like attracts like". That is absolutely
true. Why? Because everything in our universe is made of

Science has proven that like energy attracts like energy.
Everything on this planet - in this universe - including
our thoughts, are made up of energy. If you don't believe
this is true - that everything is made up of energy - then
let me ask you this question. What do you think YOU'RE made
up of?

You may say, "Flesh and bones". Okay, then the next logical
question is, what are your flesh and bones made up of?
Cells Okay, then what are your cells made up of?
Molecules. Okay, what are molecules made up of?

If I keep asking the question, eventually the answer must
bring it back to the basic substance of which we are all
made up of. When you run out of the physical stuff, you are
left with only one thing: Energy! You cannot deny that we
are made of energy. Quantum science has already proven that
this is true.

Here is something important for you to know about energy.
All energy has specific magnetic proprieties. To put it in
simple terms, we are basically magnets. As magnets, we are
attracting things all day long, even if we are unaware of

This magnetic energy is also VIBRATING at different
frequencies, and those frequencies determine the magnetic
properties of the energy that we are vibrating. Essentially
what we are saying is this: How we align our energy is the
key to making a MAJOR change in our life and attracting
ANYTHING we desire.

Maybe this is easy for you to understand and accept. On the
other hand, maybe your logical mind has trouble accepting
that this is real. You may even be thinking that this is a
bunch of metaphysical nonsense. It doesn't matter.

Just stay with me here, because tomorrow I am going to
the Million Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life. You
will learn how and why this concept is the key to creating
the life you have always desired.

Tomorrow?s lesson is going to be a life-changing moment for
Make sure to follow this blog to get the next update.

Until then, please review your lessons and I'll be back to
share The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life.

Your partner in success,

Ken Spohn

If you want to read more about this exciting book I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Million Dollar Secret Part III

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We are still laying the foundation to using The Million
Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life. If you haven't
figured it out yet, I am setting you up not to fail. In fact,
if you apply what you are learning, it will be impossible
for you to fail!

Next, I want to discuss how you can dramatically improve
the results of any personal development program. It doesn't
matter if you use my material or any other program, book or

In order to succeed at any personal development program,
you must to do the following:

1. Decide on what you want.

This is called your INTENTION. Write down what you want on
a piece of paper. If you want it, you can have it.

Start with one intention and work on that and then you can
go to the next, etc. Always focus on a positive outcome.
Never say, "I DON'T WANT this", such as "I don't want to be
broke". Instead, focus on what you WANT, such as "I want to
attract more money into my life".

As you do this I want you to focus on a THREE LETTER WORD
that will guarantee your success. We talked about this in
the last lesson, but I want to emphasize it again in this
lesson. The three letter word is WHY.

You must be clear on WHY you want your goal or desire, or
WHY you want to fulfill a certain dream. Always, always,
always (should I say that again") keep your focus on WHY
you are doing what you are doing. A-L-W-A-Y-S! Otherwise
you will give up when the slightest obstacle stands in your
way or it doesn't seem like things are "working" for you.

This is why 99% of people fail at any attempt to improve
their life. They are not clear on WHY they want what they
want. They are not clear on the BENEFITS. The WHY is always
more important than the HOW. In other words, WHY you want
something will motivate you to achieve it. Worrying or
trying to figure HOW you are going to get it only pushes it
further away. So always focus on the WHY.

Your sub-conscious mind must be convinced that what you
desire is what you really want. Not what you think you
"should" want, or what others want for you, but what you
TRULY want. If your sub-conscious mind perceives any
change as a "have to", "should" or "must", such as "I have
to do this", "I should do this", or "I must do this", it will resist
the change. That will cause you to give up too easily before
you reach your goal.

As soon as you encounter the first obstacle that comes
along, your sub-conscious will give you all the logical
reasons why you should quit. If you focus on WHY you
want what you want you will not give up easily, but will be
motivated to keep moving toward your goal, even if you
have a temporary setback.

2. Commit yourself 100% to follow through UNTIL you get a

Read it again! I didn't say IF you get a result. I said
UNTIL you get a result. There is a huge difference. Keep
in mind, there is only one way to fail, and that is to quit.

3. Suspend your disbelief

Do not prejudge whether or not the personal development
program, book or strategy you are using will work. Suspend
your disbelief that it will NOT work for you. Keep in mind
that it has worked for others and it WILL work for you.

One the most common obstacles I run into with clients is
that they think, "I know this has worked for others, but in
my case it is different." In fact, I have never worked with
a client who didn't think that in their case it was

Trust me, you circumstances may be different, but the
underlying problem for everyone is always the same.

4. Don't judge results too quickly.

Often people will have quick results when making a change
because they are ready for the change and they have aligned
their energy. (more on that later). You could be one of them,
but you need to allow some time for adjustment.

Don't measure your results in hours, days, weeks, etc. ANY
improvement is a forward movement. Use even the smallest
improvement as a building block to take the next step
forward. You will continue to move forward as long as you
focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.
(Review Lesson 1)

Remember when you learned to ride a bike" It was relatively
difficult at first to keep your balance. Then you got rolling and
it seemed so easy. In the beginning we are often out of balance.
Sometimes it takes a little while to regain our balance.

5. Measure your progress from where you started.

There are two groups of people. The first group measures
their progress against some kind of an ideal goal. The
second group measures their progress against where they
started. Measuring your progress against some ideal goal is
kind of like trying to travel to the horizon. You can never
get there because no matter how you move toward it, the
horizon always recedes, so it always seems to be an equal
distance away from where you start.

People that have that strategy in deciding whether or not
they are making progress are always frustrated because it
always seems to them that they are making no progress.

The second group of people are those that note where they
were when they started. When they look back, it is obvious
that they have made progress. Once I get this concept
across to people, they will often say, "My God I have been
doing that my whole life and I have been frustrated about
everything that I have done. Now I suddenly realize that I
have been making all kinds of progress in lots of areas of
my life and I didn't even see it".

We need to measure our progress from where we start. If you
measure your progress on the horizon (your ideal goal) you
will always be frustrated.

6. Focus on the next step.

Always focus on what you have to do NOW - IN THIS MOMENT.
Forget about what you may have to do in the future. Just
keep your point of focus on what you want to accomplish IN

Usually when you start to see progress you have this
impulse to want to rush things. You want things to change
"right now: This pushes you and drives you to "force"
things to happen. But, as you will learn, less effort creates
more results.

7. Do What You Know

I am sure you know people who have studied personal
development books and programs most of their lives and have
not made any SIGNIFICANT changes. They read, study and
attend personal development seminars and nothing, or very
little, seems to change. Why is this so"

Simply because they are personal development "junkies".
Like any junkie they need a "fix". But the problem is that
even though it is a positive fix, they are still addicts.
They are addicted to the illusion that the more they study
and learn, the more their life will improve. If they can
just find that one book, one program, one strategy they are
looking for, their lives will turn around.

Of course, they never find it because they are addicted to
COLLECTING INFORMATION. They read all the books and
listen to the tapes and Cd's and study, but they don't move
forward. The keep running in place, only now they have
more information.

Here's why more information will not change your life.

It is not enough to KNOW what to do - you must to DO what
you know. Read it again!

In other words, MORE INFORMATION is not the answer. Even
the information you are learning in these lessons will not
change your life. I promise you that when you finish these
lessons you will KNOW what to do. However, the goal for
these lessons is to get you to DO what you KNOW.

I am not saying that learning new techniques and strategies
is not helpful. I buy hundreds of books and attend dozens
of seminars, but I know that the INFORMATION will not
change my life. The change comes when I APPLY the
information UNTIL I GET THE RESULT I desire. In other
words, when I DO what I KNOW.

My intention for the first three lessons is to set you up
not to fail. In other words, failure is not an option if
you will DO what you KNOW. (Actually apply what you are
learning). If that is the case, then you are ready for the
next step. You are ready for The Million Dollar Secret That
Can Change Your Life.

It will be a real eye-opener!

But please take a moment to review the last 3 lessons. It
will take you less than 15 minutes. I know, I know, your
sooooooo busy! But do you really want to move forward in
your life, or do you just want to collect more information"

It's worth repeating again. It is not enough to KNOW what
to do - you must DO what you know.

Until tomorrow take care and please review the first 3

Talk to you then.

Your partner in success,

Ken Spohn

If you want to read more about this exciting book or if your life sucks right now I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Million Dollar Secret Part II

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Did you do your assignment? Did you monitor your thoughts?
What have you been focusing on most of the time? Are you
focusing on what you want, or what you don?t want?

If you have habitually been focusing on what you don?t
want, then it?s time to recognize that it will only bring you
more of the same - what you DON'T want!

The fact that you are conscious of your thinking is a giant
step forward. Most people on this planet have no idea what
they are thinking. Instead, they just keep REACTING to
their thoughts.

However, observing what you focus your attention on most of
the time is the key to creating the life you desire.

Let?s continue.

Most people want a better life. In an attempt to change
their life for the better, they often purchase personal
development books and courses and attend personal
development seminars. In this lesson I want to talk about
why most personal development attempts fail.

My guess is that this is not the first personal development
information you have been exposed to. I will even go out on
a limb and say that you have probably tried numerous
personal development books, tapes/Cd's, systems, methods,
or techniques that did not produce the results you

Why Not?

Why do most personal development programs fail? The
answer to this will enable you to rise above the majority of
people who are trying to hopelessly to improve their lives.

Most personal development programs fail because:

1. We Fear Change

Face this fact; no matter what type of personal development
strategy you are using, at some point you are going to have
to make a CHANGE. It could be a small change, or a big
change, but you are going to have to get out of your
?comfort zone?.

Our sub-conscious ?conditioned mind? does not like change.
In fact, it is designed to resist change and to keep us
where we are. The reason for this is the sub-conscious is
primarily a survival mechanism. Its primary function is
survival. It perceives any type of change as a threat to
our survival. Unless we can bypass our survival mechanism,
all our personal development attempts will fail.

2. We Want Instant Results

Today people are conditioned by media advertising to expect
?instant results.? Hence they want it NOW and expect to see
results immediately in one session, one day, one week, one
chapter of a book, etc. They give most personal development
techniques and practices one chance, and if they do not get
immediate results, they get discouraged and give up.

Immediate results are always possible, but sometimes we
need additional time to align our energy with our desires.
If we do not align our energy properly, we will not reach
our goal.

The need for instant results or instant gratification often
keeps people from taking the time to align their energy, so
it actually takes them LONGER to reach their goals.

3. We Give Up Too Soon.

Most people give up too soon. Part of this is due to the
need for instant results and instant gratification. However,
one of the reasons we give up too soon is we look at
temporary setbacks as proof we cannot reach our goal.
When this happens we blame ourselves and/or the personal
development program, book, audio, seminar, etc. for our
inability to achieve out goal and we give up too soon.

In order for any personal development program to work, you
must not give up, even when it ?looks? like it is not working.

4. We are ?TRYING? instead of ?DOING?

Most people ?try? to get what they want. The problem is
every time you ?try?, you are setting yourself up for failure.
In reality you can't try to do anything. You either DO it or you
DON'T. So there is really not such thing as ?trying?.

Your mind may resist this concept, but it is true. You may
say. ?I tried this or that and I eventually succeeded.? You
succeeded when you stopped trying and started doing. You
did what you needed to do to achieve your goal. So the
lesson here is that you cannot succeed as long as you are
?trying?. However, once you stop "trying" and start "doing"
you can begin to expect results.

When people ?try? personal development programs, they
immediately set themselves up for failure. Trying has
built-in failure because if we try something and don?t
succeed, we can always say, ?Well, at least I tried?. But
that does not get you what you want. The problem is that
you can only have two things in life- reasons or results.
In other words, you either have what you want or you have
reasons why you don?t have what you want, but there in
nothing in between.

My point here is that the success or failure with any
personal improvement strategy (or anything else in life) is
based on DOING, not TRYING to DO!

Those who ?try? are guaranteed to fail. Those that DO
(follow through until they get the result they desire) are
the people who achieve their great dreams and desires.

5. We Focus on WHAT Instead of WHY.

Most people fail at personal development efforts because
they focus on WHAT they have to do to get what they want
instead of focusing on WHY they want it. If you lose focus
on WHY you want what you want, and instead you focus on
WHAT needs to be done, you will lose your motivation and
give up when the going gets tough.

Unless you constantly focus on the WHY - the benefits or
what you will gain when you reach your goal - you will not
be able to make the changes you desire and you will give up
as soon as you run into obstacles that seem overwhelming.

What I am asking you to do is to decide how serious you are
about having what you want. WHY do you want what you want?
Forget about what you have to DO to get it. That will take
care of itself. If you are not clear on WHY you want what
you want (the benefits you will gain when your reach your
goal) and are not serious following through until you
achieve it, then don't waste your time reading the rest of
these lessons. Instead, sit back in your recliner, turn on
the TV, open a can of beer, scratch the back of your head,
and just keep doing what you have been doing and I
guarantee you that you will keep getting what you have been

But if you are excited about making a major change in your
life, if you are really ready to attract what you desire,
and you are not going to give up until you reach your goal,
then something wonderful is going to happen in your life.

And it will be in the next few lessons

Thanks again for allowing me to share this material with
you. It's going to get more exciting as we move into each
new lesson so hang in there!

If you want to read more about this exciting book or if your life sucks right now I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Change My Life Now Chapter II

So, I know you've been waiting on edge to find out about Chapter II in the book "Beyond Positive Thing" by Robert Anthony. The Chapter was about truth and you.
If you really think about it, you lie every day. I can already hear you say "No I don't! I'm a very honest person!". Settle down Skippy! You probably are a very honest person. The lies I'm talking about are the ones we tell your-self! Man can we come up with some good ones.

The biggest reason people don't achieve their goals because they always coming up with reasons (lies) why something won't work. Or they get board. They give up. Lose focus. He'll life happens. You NEED to be in the present moment and look back often to see your accomplishments. To be proud.
There is old saying "If you want instant results chop some wood" He'll my Dad may have said that. I was always chopping wood as a kid.
That's for another day.
We need to look back to feel good about what we have done. Even if it's writing a article like this one. It makes me feel good that maybe I can help just one person and that is part of my goal.

Back to the lies. What do you tell your-self when setting you goals? What about the first day? The next week? Month? Year? Does it get easier to let go of that goal as time passes? What lies do you tell your-self?
I'm not much one to set goals at New Years but, about 18 years ago a made a New Years resolution not to eat red meat.
Maybe I'll live longer, maybe not. It's not something I even think about anymore. But, I think I keep that goal to remind myself that when I decide to-do I stick with it. Stop lieing to your-self and the truth shall set you free...
and to make permanent changes all you need to-do is change you story.

To achieve your goals you need to major elements.

Truth and Desire. More on this in the next chapter.

I believe we always have two choices. One is to-do while the other is not to-do.
So, you can put this off for another day or you can change your life forever by taking action and control of your life by click here now and read what Dr. Robert has to say.!

Best Lifetime!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Million Dollar Secret Part 1

I would like begin these lessons by asking you an
important question: Do you know WHY you are reading this
right now?

Your answer your might be "I came across your website on a
search engine", or "A friend told me about your program",
or it might be any other number of "LOGICAL" reasons.

The important thing this: It doesn't matter if there is a
LOGICAL explanation or not. The fact that you are reading
this means that there is something that you are seeking,
but you haven't discovered how to manifest it in your life

It may have something to do with your business, your
finances, your health, your relationships - or even
something intangible, like peace of mind.

But until you understand what I am about to reveal, which
is HOW things come in and out of your life, you will never
be able to CONSCIOUSLY create the life you desire.

On the other hand, once you know the Million Dollar Secret
That Can Change Your Life, you will FINALLY be able to
achieve your dreams and goals, one after the other, in a
rapid, easy, stress free manner.

I am sure I don't have to tell you that your mind is your
most powerful tool for achieving anything you want in life.
However, since everyone has a mind, why don't they use it
to create the lives they desire?

Why is it that most people use the power of their mind to
work AGAINST them, instead of FOR them? You are going to
find out in just a few minutes.


That's right. I am not a psychic, but I am going to start
off by predicting your future with 100% accuracy!

How can I possibly do that?

It's very simple. I KNOW something about you - something
that will allow me to predict your future with 100%

Here it is: "If you keep THINKING what you are thinking,
you will keep DOING what you are doing, and you will keep
GETTING what you are getting.

In other words, what you are experiencing NOW and what
you will experience in the FUTURE is the result of your
previous thoughts. Your future is predetermined by your
thoughts in this moment. So, if you want to change your
future, you must change what you are thinking about in this

If I can convince you to do that, I predict you will have
an absolutely fantastic, successful, exciting and happy


We are going to talk a lot about THE POWER OF FOCUS
throughout these lessons.

How you feel about life and anything in particular, depends

Ask yourself this question, "What do I focus on most of the
time?" If you are like most people, you will discover
something very interesting about yourself. You will
discover that you spend more time focusing on what you
DON'T want than what you DO want.

Why is this important?

Because you can't expect to have what you WANT if you
focuson the OPPOSITE of what you want. Put simply,
you will create and attract MORE of whatever you focus on.

Want Proof?

Have you ever made this statement?

"I feel anxious, worried and stressed out, but I don't know

From what you have just learned, it is easy to figure out
"why". It is impossible to feel sad, tense, worried or
stressed out and not know why.

If you are feeling anxious, sad, tense, worried or stressed
out it is because you are focusing on thoughts that create
anxious, worried and stressful feelings. In other words,
you are focusing on what you DON?T want, which is to feel
anxious, sad, tense, worried or stressed out.

Said another way, bad thoughts can never produce good
results and good thoughts can never produce bad results.

Anytime you feel stressed, worried, fearful or have any
other negative feeling, it is because you are doing two

1. You are focusing on what you DON?T want to happen.

2. You are focusing on the future, not the present moment.
It is impossible to feel stress, worry, fear or any other
negative emotion if you are living in the present moment.
The ONLY way you can feel negative emotion is to focus on
what MIGHT happen, or what you DON'T WANT TO HAPPEN,
in the next moment, next hour, next day, next week,
next year, etc.

So your assignment for this first lesson is to monitor your
thoughts. From now on I would like you to become the
"observer" of your thoughts. Don't judge. Just observe.
Observe what you focus on and think about most of the time.

Are you focused on the past? What happened and how you
wishit were different? Are you worried about the future?
The next minute, the next day, next week, etc?

Start right now. Take a look at what you focus on most of
the time. As you do this, please keep in mind: What you
think about today, in this moment, will become your future.

Once you understand this, you can accurately predict your
future. Simply put, If you keep thinking what you are
thinking, you will keep getting what you are getting. But
if you shift your thought patterns and focus on what you WANT,
instead of what you DON?T WANT, you can begin to create
a new and exciting future.

I will explain this in detail as we go into the next lessons,
but for now please observe your thoughts and become aware
of what you think about most of the time.

In Lesson 2 we will talk about why most self-improvement
programs fail and what we can do to guarantee our success.

Thanks again for taking the time to ready and study this
material. You have begun a journey into self-discovery that
can truly change your life.

Bookmark This Site and Come Back for Part II

Your partner in success,

Ken Spohn

If you want to read more about this exciting book or if your life sucks right now I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.

Wish You The Best!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Change My Life Now

Every once in awhile you come across something that is so profound, so deep, so significant that we need too take a depth breath and just say WOW!

The moment I am talking about is the first chapter of "Beyond Positive Thinking" by Dr. Robert Anthony. Yes I've only read the first chapter and has forced me to write this blog "Change My Life Now". Why? Because I want to share. I'm not one to talk about myself to much. Nor will I start a conversation about a subject just for the sake of discussing. But, I have a-lot of life experiences and I need to start sharing to help others.

As of this writing Feb 5, 2009 we are experiencing some of the worst economic time in the History of the Global economy. I don't need to go into details I'm sure your quite aware! With that said, I believe I am a 10% percenter. What is that? It's someone that is willing to try, do or take on a challenge that 90% of the people won't. Once I have decided that I am going to learn something it's done. The only questions are When and How.

So being in a Financial mess myself right now, I took it upon myself and decided to solve it. After all I did create the mess all by myself! I'm not going to tell you how much debt I have right now but, lets just say it's more than the average person makes in a life time.

So, yesterday I went for a 2hr long easy going hike. Most of the time I was thinking how much my life suck's right now. Which is unusual for me because I'm a pretty positive person. We'll guess we all have bad days.
By the end of the hike I was feeling better and just knew I had to turn this around. When I got home I took a 2hr nap. Also, unusual! Most of the time I sleep 5-6hrs a night. When I woke up I went down stairs to check my email. I had one from some marketing guy selling some program. I don't remember what it was but I do remember it was like $900. Dr. Robert Anthony was part of this promotion had said something very interesting. So, I went to google and typed in his name. Woola!
He had a book which you already know the name. I started to read about his book and more and more things he said started making sense. It was if someone just turned on a light while I was sitting in darkness. So, I did purchase the book last night but didn't start reading until this morning.

The rest of the story is still in the making...

If you want to read more about this exciting book or if your life sucks right now I encourage you to click here and read what Dr. Robert has to say.

Wish You The Best!