Monday, February 9, 2009

Change My Life Now Chapter II

So, I know you've been waiting on edge to find out about Chapter II in the book "Beyond Positive Thing" by Robert Anthony. The Chapter was about truth and you.
If you really think about it, you lie every day. I can already hear you say "No I don't! I'm a very honest person!". Settle down Skippy! You probably are a very honest person. The lies I'm talking about are the ones we tell your-self! Man can we come up with some good ones.

The biggest reason people don't achieve their goals because they always coming up with reasons (lies) why something won't work. Or they get board. They give up. Lose focus. He'll life happens. You NEED to be in the present moment and look back often to see your accomplishments. To be proud.
There is old saying "If you want instant results chop some wood" He'll my Dad may have said that. I was always chopping wood as a kid.
That's for another day.
We need to look back to feel good about what we have done. Even if it's writing a article like this one. It makes me feel good that maybe I can help just one person and that is part of my goal.

Back to the lies. What do you tell your-self when setting you goals? What about the first day? The next week? Month? Year? Does it get easier to let go of that goal as time passes? What lies do you tell your-self?
I'm not much one to set goals at New Years but, about 18 years ago a made a New Years resolution not to eat red meat.
Maybe I'll live longer, maybe not. It's not something I even think about anymore. But, I think I keep that goal to remind myself that when I decide to-do I stick with it. Stop lieing to your-self and the truth shall set you free...
and to make permanent changes all you need to-do is change you story.

To achieve your goals you need to major elements.

Truth and Desire. More on this in the next chapter.

I believe we always have two choices. One is to-do while the other is not to-do.
So, you can put this off for another day or you can change your life forever by taking action and control of your life by click here now and read what Dr. Robert has to say.!

Best Lifetime!

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