Sunday, February 8, 2009

Million Dollar Secret Part 1

I would like begin these lessons by asking you an
important question: Do you know WHY you are reading this
right now?

Your answer your might be "I came across your website on a
search engine", or "A friend told me about your program",
or it might be any other number of "LOGICAL" reasons.

The important thing this: It doesn't matter if there is a
LOGICAL explanation or not. The fact that you are reading
this means that there is something that you are seeking,
but you haven't discovered how to manifest it in your life

It may have something to do with your business, your
finances, your health, your relationships - or even
something intangible, like peace of mind.

But until you understand what I am about to reveal, which
is HOW things come in and out of your life, you will never
be able to CONSCIOUSLY create the life you desire.

On the other hand, once you know the Million Dollar Secret
That Can Change Your Life, you will FINALLY be able to
achieve your dreams and goals, one after the other, in a
rapid, easy, stress free manner.

I am sure I don't have to tell you that your mind is your
most powerful tool for achieving anything you want in life.
However, since everyone has a mind, why don't they use it
to create the lives they desire?

Why is it that most people use the power of their mind to
work AGAINST them, instead of FOR them? You are going to
find out in just a few minutes.


That's right. I am not a psychic, but I am going to start
off by predicting your future with 100% accuracy!

How can I possibly do that?

It's very simple. I KNOW something about you - something
that will allow me to predict your future with 100%

Here it is: "If you keep THINKING what you are thinking,
you will keep DOING what you are doing, and you will keep
GETTING what you are getting.

In other words, what you are experiencing NOW and what
you will experience in the FUTURE is the result of your
previous thoughts. Your future is predetermined by your
thoughts in this moment. So, if you want to change your
future, you must change what you are thinking about in this

If I can convince you to do that, I predict you will have
an absolutely fantastic, successful, exciting and happy


We are going to talk a lot about THE POWER OF FOCUS
throughout these lessons.

How you feel about life and anything in particular, depends

Ask yourself this question, "What do I focus on most of the
time?" If you are like most people, you will discover
something very interesting about yourself. You will
discover that you spend more time focusing on what you
DON'T want than what you DO want.

Why is this important?

Because you can't expect to have what you WANT if you
focuson the OPPOSITE of what you want. Put simply,
you will create and attract MORE of whatever you focus on.

Want Proof?

Have you ever made this statement?

"I feel anxious, worried and stressed out, but I don't know

From what you have just learned, it is easy to figure out
"why". It is impossible to feel sad, tense, worried or
stressed out and not know why.

If you are feeling anxious, sad, tense, worried or stressed
out it is because you are focusing on thoughts that create
anxious, worried and stressful feelings. In other words,
you are focusing on what you DON?T want, which is to feel
anxious, sad, tense, worried or stressed out.

Said another way, bad thoughts can never produce good
results and good thoughts can never produce bad results.

Anytime you feel stressed, worried, fearful or have any
other negative feeling, it is because you are doing two

1. You are focusing on what you DON?T want to happen.

2. You are focusing on the future, not the present moment.
It is impossible to feel stress, worry, fear or any other
negative emotion if you are living in the present moment.
The ONLY way you can feel negative emotion is to focus on
what MIGHT happen, or what you DON'T WANT TO HAPPEN,
in the next moment, next hour, next day, next week,
next year, etc.

So your assignment for this first lesson is to monitor your
thoughts. From now on I would like you to become the
"observer" of your thoughts. Don't judge. Just observe.
Observe what you focus on and think about most of the time.

Are you focused on the past? What happened and how you
wishit were different? Are you worried about the future?
The next minute, the next day, next week, etc?

Start right now. Take a look at what you focus on most of
the time. As you do this, please keep in mind: What you
think about today, in this moment, will become your future.

Once you understand this, you can accurately predict your
future. Simply put, If you keep thinking what you are
thinking, you will keep getting what you are getting. But
if you shift your thought patterns and focus on what you WANT,
instead of what you DON?T WANT, you can begin to create
a new and exciting future.

I will explain this in detail as we go into the next lessons,
but for now please observe your thoughts and become aware
of what you think about most of the time.

In Lesson 2 we will talk about why most self-improvement
programs fail and what we can do to guarantee our success.

Thanks again for taking the time to ready and study this
material. You have begun a journey into self-discovery that
can truly change your life.

Bookmark This Site and Come Back for Part II

Your partner in success,

Ken Spohn

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Wish You The Best!

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